Pictures Are Worth Thousands of Words

Pictures Are Worth Thousands of Words
05/12/2020 Comments Off on Pictures Are Worth Thousands of Words CDCI Stories, COVID Stories, COVID-19 CDCI Staff

The best camera is the one you have with you.

Laurel Kelley shares moments with a simple phone camera. These pictures show a snapshot into her life as she spends time with her kids, her cat, and out in the world.

With a little bit of mindfulness and living in the moment, she shows us unforgettable moments – which includes some Cinco de Mayo fun!

The colored eggs (the third to last photo) are called Cascarones (pronounced Kas-ka-ron-ez) are a Mexican tradition for celebrations, like Cinco de Mayo. It is a real eggshell filled with confetti. Children and family members crack them over people’s heads and shower them with confetti for good luck.

Thanks, Laurel, for sharing these moments with us!

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